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The art of upholstery is a labor intensive craft requiring practiced skill by our artisans.  Many factors go in to how our projects proceed through the line.  These can include the number of pieces  ahead of yours in line, availability of fabrics and supplies, as well as the condition of a piece once we removed the fabrics can all affect our timeline.  We do strive to meet our deadlines and get to all pieces within a timely manner.  

If you have a status inquiry please email with Job Status as the subject line.  We will research your position in line to the best of our ability & get back with you. 

We can not refund deposits once fabric order has been placed. 

Currently working on Pieces booked in:


Projects complete and ready to be picked up:

Our storage space is very limited and picking up your pieces from our showroom in a timely manner

 helps us keep the line moving and prevents any damage to your completed pieces.  

Stephanie Foley - Oversized Cushion & Pillows

Roberts - Tub Chair

Current Projects: 

When your project is complete we will send you an email with a link to schedule a pick up.

Schomer - Wing Chair

Bridges- Chaise Lounge (Almost Complete)

Krueger- Sofa cushion Covers

Keeton - Fainting Sofa

Legere - Banquette Cushions

Townzen - Wing Chair & Ottoman

Buchanan - Stressless Chair & Ottoman

Olmstead - 2 Large Matching Sofas

Summit Mercantile - 2 wing chairs and Ornate Bench

Agee - Large Sofa & Club Chair

Cole - Antique North Wind Chair

Cosper Veterans Home - Dining Chair

VFW Bonham - Bar Stool Repairs

Projects with Seamstress

Vessels - Window seat Cushions

Fallon - Pillows

Legere - Cushions

Projects ready to be brought in:

If you are on this list, please make an appointment to bring in your pieces using the link in the email we sent to you or click here.  

Getting your items to us as quickly as possible when we are ready for them helps us to keep the line moving.

Lamb - Parker - Morrison - Ramirez -Smith - Wheeler - Dobbels - Couch - Ball - Krueger - 

Projects at the painter or woodworker:

This will be the longest wait and you may feel it is a really long time but please know we are working on pieces in front of yours as quickly as possible and we do not want you to be without your furniture during this time.  

National average between booking and completion for skilled upholstery services run between 4 months to 18 months but we try to stay within the 4-6 month range.  

We can not refund deposits once fabric order has been placed. 

Waiting on Fabrics/Trims to arrive: