What kind of photos do you need?

We prefer a clear image of the overall piece usually from the right corner or the left corner to show the front and side. Please remove all blankets, pillows, laundry, boxes, pets, and sleeping housemates so that we may get a good view of styling and cushion construction. Please keep in mind that we will be using the photo for your estimate of labor, we need to be able to view it clearly.

May I bring in my furniture when I come to look at fabrics?

Our storage space is very limited and we ask that you do not bring your furniture until we are ready to work on it. That way you are not without your furniture for long periods of time while waiting on fabrics and supplies to complete your job. If you live in Arkansas, Tiffany will schedule pick up and drop off times with you directly.

How do I choose my fabric?

We offer two ways to select fabrics.

1) In Person for our Texas Clients: You may set an appointment with our Fabric Consultant and visit the Sherman Texas location. Feel free to bring pillows, artwork or inspiration photos with you to the appointment.

2) Remote for our Arkansas Clients: Browse our fabric companies here and select 10 fabric styles you like and email that list to us along with a photo of the room or other coordinating items and we will pull together a tailored sample package to be mailed to you, or if you prefer, Tiffany will be happy to meet with you by appointment.

How much fabric will I need?

The best way to calculate fabric for upholstery is to first speak with an upholstery professional during your fabric consultation. There are many factors that an upholstery professional must take in to account when calculating yardage. Depending on the type of furniture you have and how it is constructed, the direction of the nap or pattern of the fabric, the need to center pattern on seats, backs and cushions, the repeat length and width, and whether or not you would like a contrasting welt or multiple fabrics on the same piece.

May I supply my own fabrics?

Upholstery Girl is a retailer of a vast selection of high quality, traditional and trending designs that are specific to the upholstery trade. We have taken great care in choosing our fabric lines to bring you the highest quality fabrics that cater to most any budget. We will not accept craft store fabrics.

Designer supplied fabrics must be approved beforehand and we are extremely particular in this process. Fabric must be suitable for the application, correct yardage amount supplied for the piece, nap direction and pattern repeat, fabric must be free of flaws, fraying and imperfections (often found when using craft store, online or discount suppliers). A $20 per yard cutting fee will be required if fabric is accepted. Upholsterer/seamstress will make the final determination.

What are your lead times?

Lead times are difficult for us to estimate since reupholstery is a custom art and in some cases can be up to 6 months. Typically the wait is between 4-6 months depending on the skill levels needed for your project. We like to expect 6 months and be thrilled when it ends up at 4 months! Keep in mind that we are a completely custom service and unfortunately we must now factor in supply chain interruptions with our fabrics and supplies we use such as foam, Dacron, glue, etc. We do strive to complete your projects as quickly as possible and we ask our clients to be patient with us. Please do not call for status updates, we ask that you email CustomerService@upholsterygirl.com using "Status" in the subject line so a staff member may research your project status and send you an update. You may also check the Client Project Status Page

Rush Orders: Should your completion deadline require us to place your job before others in our normal queue there will be a rush fee of double the labor rate added to the invoice. Rush orders are at the discretion of the owner and please note that we may not always be able to accommodate a rush order.

How much is the deposit?

A deposit of 50% of the estimate is required after you have selected your fabrics and typically covers the cost of your special order fabrics. The balance is due upon project completion. Note: once stripped the condition of the wood, structure, springs, foam and padding could affect the final invoice. We will notify you should any of the above items require repairs. Other items such as nailheads and specialty trims are all added on the back-end once those aspects are calculated and measured.

Do you upholster vehicles, boats, golf carts, or ATV's?

We do not do upholstery work on any type of vehicles or boats.

What if I need to cancel my project?

You may cancel your project up until the time your fabric is ordered which is usually a day or two after you pay the deposit. Once the fabric has been special ordered we are unable to refund you for the fabric and shipping. All jobs are 100% custom and require exact cuts of fabrics and therefore are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your project before we have begun work, you may come in and pick up your special order fabrics.

Where are you located?

Our beautiful fabric showroom and workroom which physically services the North Texas area and remotely services the Central Arkansas area is located in the heart of Downtown Sherman right on the town square across from Grayson County Courthouse.

All drop-offs and pick-ups are accessed through our front door on Travis St.

There is no back entrance for deliveries.

Shop Hours:

Monday - Friday 10-4

Saturday - By appointment only