Wall Murals

Zen Wall Murals

The art of Zen shines through in these beautiful wall murals. Featuring symbolic imagery, like Buddha, stone cairns, and lotus flowers, a Zen mural evokes a tranquil splendor in any space. Inspire your décor with a meditative mural, bathed in serene beauty. 

Animal Murals

From wild and fierce to cute and cuddly, these animal murals celebrate all of the beautiful creatures from the animal kingdom. Endorse your favorite creature and inspire your décor with an animal mural, and also consider these designs for adorable kids mural ideas! 

Brick, Wood & Stone Murals

Brick murals reimagine an ordinary wall into a chic exposed brick décor asset. Our authentic stone and brick wall murals add incredible style to a room.  From country-chic décor to decorating in a loft space, a stone or brick mural brings great character. 

Floral Wall Murals

Flowers on the wall is an enduringly beautiful décor theme. Our flower murals depict beautiful petals in all hues, with photorealistic blossoms, modern floral graphics, and lush meadows of flowers in bloom. Sweet and fresh, colorful and inviting, flower wall art will enchant any room. 

Woods & Forests Murals

The enchantment of the forest, the still beauty of a clearing in the woods, birch trees, and autumn glory. These forest murals are all inspired by trees in the wild. Captivate your décor with a tree mural. 

Beach Murals

Beach theme murals bring the beauty of the seaside into your home. Tropical beach murals, trompe l'oeil ocean murals, and anything beautiful inspired by the sea, awaits you in these wall murals. 

Waterfall & Water Murals

Awe inspiring and mesmerizing, rivers and waterfalls provide some of the most breath taking scenery on Earth. These wall murals are inspired by nature, bringing beautiful scenery from around the world to life in photorealistic detail.